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Why and How Alectio Works

“Using Alectio has allowed us to avoid the pain associated with preparing, labeling, and maintaining our very large datasets – super easy to use and a true lifesaver for our machine learning team!”

- Emma Ghariani, CEO, Veamly

What is Data Prep Ops?

Data is the key to AI. Having accurate data, and the appropriate amount of data, can only be managed through a proper Data Operations strategy? Download our guide to learn what Data Prep Ops is, and how it can help you present the best and right data for your models.

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Leveraging Active Learning on Small Datasets

Leveraging Active Learning on Small Datasets

At Alectio, we’re usually known to help ML teams reduce the size of their datasets; our typical users come to us when they have more data than they know what to do with, and when training on their...

9 Reasons Why Active Learning is Not Widely Adopted

9 Reasons Why Active Learning is Not Widely Adopted

The Machine Learning field is full of buzz: deep learning, LSTMs, generative adversarial networks; the list keeps going on and on and on. Some of the most promising concepts, though, stand at the...