Audit, review, fix and version your labels in just a few clicks.

You upload your existing labels in Alectio’s Human-in-the-Loop module or select the labeling task you are interested in after the labels are sent back by your labeling partner.

Alectio combines anomaly detection and cross-validation techniques to identify contentious records and exposes them to you. Alectio also offers an advanced filtering engine to help you find potential problems in your labels. You won’t have to manually review the entire data anymore!

If a record is mislabeled, you can either re-annotate it yourself using one of Alectio’s annotation tools, or mark it for relabeling (you can then send it to the same partner or another one!). Each time a labeling partner makes a mistake, they are penalized and less likely to get recommended in the future.

As you perfect your labels, the Alectio system automatically versions the results, so that you can revert to another version if need be.

This is what a true human-in-the-loop process looks like: humans evaluate the machine’s output, and algorithms help humans identify and fix issues. You can audit the data in all confidence without wondering if you missed something important.