About Us

Mission. Vision. Values.

Alectio is on a mission to #KeepAIAlive.


Our company’s goal is to dramatically reduce the amount of data you need for your machine learning projects so that AI is more accessible, less expensive, and more environmentally sustainable.

In order for us to achieve that mission, we believe in the following 3 principles:

1. Democratizing AI

Democratizing AI means creating responsible AI. AI that ensures access to all and benefits all. AI isn’t just for companies with the biggest budgets. AI that is bias-free. AI that is ethical and does not exploit its users or contributors.

2. Sustainable AI

Machine learning models are data-hungry and require an astronomical amount of power. State-of-the-art models require 300,000 times more computing resources than they did less than a decade ago, outputting a whopping 600,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. We need to make AI more sustainable for our planet, for our future.

3. Machine Learning First AI

Alectio is built for and by machine learning experts. At its foundation is the use of multiple methods to deliver the highest quality of usable training data – Active Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Meta-Learning, and Deep Learning. Through the power of machine learning, we hope to help multiple industries from medical to automotive to aerospace achieve their AI goals and #KeepAIAlive.

Alectio Careers 

Passionate about machine learning? Interested in growing your career with us? Take a look at the job descriptions below and send your resume to jobs@alectio.com.

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