Our Values

We’re a distributed team who believes deeply in both what we’re building and who we’re building it with.

All hands on deck

At Alectio, everyone gets their hands dirty. Managers are expected to lead by example and everyone is expected tojump in when their teams are stuck, especially in tough times. We are all in this together and will succeed or fail together. 

Complacency breeds failure

You might have created the most powerful algorithm last week, but that doesn’t mean you’re exempted to do your work today. Self-satisfaction leads to laziness and laziness leads to failure. Our past achievements should be a source of encouragement and inspiration, not a free pass for the rest of the quarter.

Success begins at the end of your comfort zone

Great ideas can’t be googled, and chances are, they are the fruit of sacrifice and passion. At Alectio, you won’t be successful by copy-pasting code from StackOverflow, but by pushing your limits and being creative and resourceful… until it hurts!

Speak, don't seethe

It is ok to be unhappy about something: nobody is perfect, and you will be frustrated by your work, your colleagues, management or the company in general! Just speak up and get support!

Redefine efficiency

Be smart with your time and the company’s resources. Skip meetings that don’t bring value to you or if where you can’t add value to the conversation. Remember that each time you are “only” 6 minutes late at a 10 people meeting, you just made the company lose 1 hour in development time… Being efficient not only means making yourself efficient, but also making the people around you, your team and the whole company run smoothly.

Jennifer Prendki

Jennifer Prendki

Founder & CEO

Our Founder

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Alectio. Previously, she was the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight–the company that pioneered data labeling–the Chief Data Scientist at Atlassian and a Senior Manager of Data Science in the Search Team at Walmart.

Jennifer has spent most of her career building and scaling high performing machine learning teams and developing data-driven cultures. She was trained as a scientist with a PhD in Particle Physics from Sorbonne University and approaches problems analytically, whether that’s building complex models or leading Alectio. She’s an obsessive Elton John fan, a jigsaw puzzle fanatic, a mother of two lovely children and four lively dogs.

Alectio Careers

Passionate about machine learning? Interested in growing your career with us? email your resume to jobs@alectio.com.

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