Data Curation



You setup the SDK

You set up the Alectio SDK on your system and let the SDK orchestrate an incremental training process for you. Your data and your model stay where they are; there is no need to export anything.

SDK orchestrates the training process

The SDK starts by injecting a small amount of data into the training process and captures clues about how things are going. That info is sent back to the Alectio engine which analyzes dynamically what works and what data will most benefit the training process next. If your data is unlabeled, you can use our hybrid labeling marketplace or your own provider to take care of it. Your model is trained incrementally with the most valuable data within your dataset.

Training stops when your criteria is met

The training process stops either when you reach your budget (in time or money), or where the Alectio early-stopping technology identifies that the rest of the data contains no novel/relevant information.

A smaller and optimized subset of data that is just right for your model

Your model gets trained with a smaller, optimized subset of data, allowing you to save time and money, and often to boost performance. You can also analyze what subset of the data was the most helpful and build a more strategic data collection/synthetic data generation process accordingly.


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