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The Alectio Labeling Marketplace


Want to grow your labeling business? We want to help.

What is the Alectio Labeling Marketplace?

 Alectio’s platform needs the highest quality labels for our clients to be successful. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the best, independent, high-quality labeling providers in the world. Here’s how our marketplace works: 

Many Alectio jobs require labeling as part of our workflow. When a customer needs labels, they have an option of doing it themselves, using their current provider, or entering our marketplace. That’s where you come in.

When that customer requests labels, we use their unique criteria around data type, speed, price point, and more, to suggest the labeling shop that best fits their needs. The company the customer chooses gets a short time to accept the job, labels things in their regular workflow, and our customer uses those labels to train their model on our service. That’s it!

What’s in it for labeling companies? 

Increased revenue 

We send jobs your way. What’s more, we don’t take a cut. We value our labeling partners and don’t want to cut into their profits in any way.

More visibility

Our marketplace helps spread the word about small labeling providers, getting your work in front of new companies every day.

360 degree feedback

We share feedback about demand–what data types and jobs we’re seeing more, for example–and our internal metrics on your performance and accuracy so you can improve and grow.

Shared marketing 

If you’re interested in writing a blog, doing a press release, being a case study, or any other marketing opportunity, we’re a willing, responsive partner.

Alectio’s mission

Alectio believes in democratizing AI. We believe in responsible AI. We’re not trying to help the biggest companies get bigger. Instead, we prioritize working with small, agile, responsive BPOs and labelers from around the world, especially ones who have an ethical or social mission. We think AI can be a force for good in the world and we’re doing what we can to make that a reality.

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