Alectio Labeling Marketplace

What is the Alectio Labeling Marketplace?

Our marketplace is just what it sounds like: a way for you to access the best data labeling providers in the world, in-the-moment, on a project-by-project basis. No more long term contracts. No more working on your labeling company’s schedule. Just the best possible labels, exactly when you need them.

Our labeling partners

We’re proud of our labeling providers. In contrast to bigger shops that use crowdsourcing methods that often lead to reduced accuracy, our labeling partners are BPOs (business process outsourcing companies) from around the world that have far more control of throughput and quality. We only work with labeling providers who pay a fair and honest wage for fair and honest work, so you can rest assured your labeling is not only the best quality, but ethical too.

A few of our labeling partners:

How the Labeling Marketplace works

Using our marketplace is simple. You provide data, instructions, and your priorities and we give you an ordered list of providers, as well as the option to autolabel classes our technology can help with. Then, you choose the ones that look best to you. If your first choice isn’t immediately available, we’ll contact the second, then the third. We want you to get your labels when you request them, not weeks later when it’s convenient for a provider.

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