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DataPrepOpsTM platform

for all your ML projects

Prepare, curate, annotate, manage, version and visualize your training data.

Labeling Workflows Solved

Labeling Workflows

The perfect labels, every time, in just a few clicks!

Real-Time Data Curation

Data Curation

Select relevant data on the fly!

Agile for Data Labeling

Agile for
Data Labeling

Scale is overrated! You need flexibility and speed. We find you the ideal labeling partner every single time and you get your results in the matter of hours.

Data Curation

Alectio’s flagship offering helps you understand what data helps your model learn, what data is irrelevant, and what data is actively hurting your model’s performance. Our data curation solutions helps you drastically cut down on labeling costs, reduces model training (and retraining) times, and helps you uncover the data your model really needs to reach the performance you need.

Hybrid Labeling Solution

With Alectio, you don’t have to get tied into long term contracts with big providers. Instead, we combine our model-powered autolabeling solution with a marketplace full of expert, responsive, nimble labeling companies to get you the best labels for your data. That means combining the best of machine and human intelligence to get you faster turnaround on every row of data you label.

Useful Data.
Better Models.

Alectio can give the needed insight into how your training data is impacting your models.
Learn How.


Better Labels.
Accelerated AI.

Use Alectio’s Auto Labeling, Label Marketplace, or both (Hybrid) to easily label your training data.
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Why and How Alectio Works

The most innovative teams in AI use Alectio!

“Using Alectio has allowed us to avoid the pain associated with preparing, labeling, and maintaining our very large datasets – super easy to use and a true lifesaver for our machine learning team!”
- Emma Ghariani, CEO, Veamly

What is DataPrepOpsTM ?

Data is the key to AI. Having accurate data, and the appropriate amount of data, can only be managed through a proper Data Operations strategy? Download our guide to learn what Data Prep Ops is, and how it can help you present the best and right data for your models.

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