Proactive Data Curation

The old way was about acquiring more training data. The new way is about selecting the most useful data for your models. Alectio’s platform can identify the harmful redundant data within your dataset and recommend which data is most useful – curating insightful data for strategizing your collection process going forward.

Less is REALLY More!

Alectio’s Proactive Data Curation gives you the most useful data to improve model performance.

Works without inserting human bias. We leverage AI to listen to your models and learn what data they need.

Works without needing direct access to your data or models to ensure a higher level of security of both.

Works without limiting the attributes and feature selections of your data and to learn how your models are performing in real-time.

What is Data Prep Ops?

Data is the key to AI. Having accurate data, and the appropriate amount of data, can only be managed through a proper Data Operations strategy? Download our guide to learn what Data Prep Ops is, and how it can help you present the best and right data for your models.

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