Scalable Data Labeling to Meet Your Needs

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Using machine learning and numerous samples of previously annotated training data, Alectio’s Auto-Labeling allows you to quickly annotate your training data.

By using Auto-Labeling you can:

  • Quickly annotate small datasets for immediate application to testing models
  • Save time and cost for training data by leveraging AI

Alectio Data Labeling Marketplace

Alectio partners with multiple BPOs (business process outsourcing companies) from around the world that have proven success in maintaining a high level of security, control of throughput, and output of quality. On-demand, no long-term contracts.

Alectio only works with quality labeling providers who:

  • Pay a fair and honest wage for fair and honest work
  • Care about their employees as much as they care about the quality of their work.

Using the Alectio Marketplace is simple:

  • You provide data, instructions, and priorities
  • View our list of providers, or use our Alectio’s Auto Label Classes our technology
  • Choose providers to label your date
  • If your first isn’t available, then we’ll try the 2nd, then 3rd, and so on.

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Hybrid Labeling

By combining traditional labeling through Alectio’s Labeling Marketplace and our Auto-Labeling capabilities, you can perform a true “human-in-the-loop” analysis of your training data to select the most useful data for your models.

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