Why Alectio?

Collecting, storing, managing, and annotating data, in addition to training and retraining your models, can be costly and time-consuming. It’s the cause for most successful AI projects being shut down. They fall into the “AI Cost Chasm”.

Alectio’s Data Prep Ops platform is the bridge to avoiding the chasm and scale your AI.

Smart Data vs. Big Data

At Alectio, we understand not all data is created equal. Some data is helpful to your model, other data is irrelevant, and some data is actively harmful. The trick is figuring out which data is what.

That’s exactly what our platform does. We use an ensemble method that combines active learning, reinforcement learning, meta-learning, and more to recommend the smart data hidden inside your big data training sets.

Built For and By Machine Learning Experts

Alectio uses multiple methods such as Active Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Meta-Learning, and Deep Learning to help curate, filter, annotate and identify the most useful data for your models.
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Alectio offers three ways to easily annotate your training data.


Using machine learning and numerous samples of previously annotated training data, Alectio’s Auto-Labeling allows you to quickly annotate your training data.
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Labeling Marketplace

Access the best data labeling providers in the world on a project-by-project basis through our Label Marketplace. No contracts. No long-term commitments.
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Hybrid Labeling

By combining traditional labeling with Alectio’s auto-labeling, perform a true “human-in-the-loop” analysis of your data to get the most useful data for your AI.
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