Labeling Marketplace


Find the right partner for every individual project

What is the Alectio Labeling Marketplace?

Our marketplace is just what it sounds like: a way for you to access the best data labeling providers in the world, in-the-moment, on a project-by-project basis. No more long term contracts. No more working on your labeling company’s schedule. Just the best possible labels, exactly when you need them.

Our labeling partners

We’re proud of our labeling providers. In contrast to bigger shops that use crowdsourcing methods that often lead to reduced accuracy, our labeling partners are BPOs (business process outsourcing companies) from around the world that have far more control of throughput and quality. We only work with labeling providers who pay a fair and honest wage for fair and honest work, so you can rest assured your labeling is not only the best quality, but ethical too.

You tell us what you are working on, the amount of data you need to label, as well as your budget and the time that you allocated to the project.

The Alectio system suggests auto-labeling models to use on your data and give you an estimated labeling accuracy. You choose which classes get routed to a manual labeling process or an ML-driven labeling process accordingly.

We scrape through our labeling partners and filter those capable of dealing with your data. We recommend you the best partners based on your criteria and only suggest those who can start working on your data immediately. We give you cost, time and accuracy projections, and you make the final decision.

Because your job is now the priority of the partner you selected, you will receive your labels faster than ever before; usually in a matter of hours! (*)

You can now download your labels, use the Alectio Human-in-the-Loop module to visualize/review your data, or resume your curation experiment. You can use an entirely different labeling partner for your next project, getting the best expert every single time.

(*) typically if the dataset’s size is less than 2,500 records.

A few of our labeling partners:

How the Labeling Marketplace works

Using our marketplace is simple. You provide data, instructions, and your priorities and we give you an ordered list of providers, as well as the option to autolabel classes our technology can help with. Then, you choose the ones that look best to you. If your first choice isn’t immediately available, we’ll contact the second, then the third. We want you to get your labels when you request them, not weeks later when it’s convenient for a provider.

Want to learn more?

If you’re curious about the details of how our marketplace works, the benefits you’ll receive, and a whole lot more, just download this whitepaper. We’ll walk you through it all.

Are you a labeling company?

If you’re a labeling company interested in joining our data labeling marketplace, please take a look at our benefits page and/or send us an email at info@alectio.com. We’re expanding and we’re absolutely looking for other great providers to join us as we do!