The March 2023 Newsletter

Hey Everyone, We hope you had a great February with your loved ones! March has come with all the new debacles and interesting updates in the business world. Where the SVB fiasco really shook the tech community in the valley region, GPT-4...

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The February 2023 Newsletter

Hello everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day spent with your loved ones. We are excited to bring you the latest edition of the Alectio newsletter, filled with the most relevant and up-to-date content and news from the AI/ML...

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The January 2023 Newsletter

Hey All  We hope everyone had an amazing start to this brand-new year. We all want this year to be better and have already set some goals to achieve in 2023. So, best of luck to all! And once again, a very happy new year  Each month, we...

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The December 2022 Newsletter

I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready to enjoy the festivities with their loved ones. Hopefully, you will agree that this year was better than last, but we’re definitely hoping that 2023 will be an even better one. As this is...

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The March 2021 Newsletter

Can you believe that 1/4th of the year is almost over? It's going by so fast that we flew through February which brings us to our "March" Newsletter! As always, a few notables from the Alectio side of the world, followed by some selects...

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The January 2021 Newsletter

Happy new year! We usually send our newsletter a little later in the month, but we have a great webinar coming up, a speaking spot at TWIMLcon, and a new product to announce, so we’re feeling a little impatient. As always, our highlights...

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