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If you love Machine Learning, are curious about Data-Centric AI and love challenging yourself, you’re gonna love this!
Alectio is launching Alectio Community, the very first Data-Centric AI community platform, where you can hone your data curation skills.

Alectio Community Platform
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Learn Data-Centric AI

by competing against the best

Challenge your friends,

earn points and redeem for cool swag.

Earn expert badges

to exhibit your unique new data curation skills.

Why Become a Data-Centric AI Expert with Alectio Community?


Machine Learning models are only as good as the data they’re trained on. That’s why Machine Learning scientists love working with large amounts of high quality data.

The issue is, with Big Data comes big operational costs (for storage, compute and data labeling) which causes many Machine Learning initiatives to fail in practice.

The solution: recognizing that not all records are equally impactful for model training, and that some might even cause issues during the learning process.

The ability to properly curate and fine-tune a dataset for a specific model is a skill overlooked from most ML curriculum. Becoming Smart-Data Certified is a great way to differentiate yourself from the rest and guarantee employers that you are able to build models in a cost-efficient way. 

Compete against the best to earn the title of Master Data Slayer.

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Why take a part in Alectio’s community challenges?

  • A new, fun (gamified) way to learn AI/ML Ops
  • Play/challenge and earn points
  • Some real-life rewards (e.g, using points to redeem merchandise) and becoming a real-life dataslayer