Smart Labeling Solutions

Data Labeling is arguably one of the most critical steps when preparing a dataset.
Labeling doesn’t have to be so hard!

Compare Labeling Companies In Seconds. No more lengthy POCs. No more long-term commitments. The search for the perfect labeling provider is over: find the perfect match for each one of your projects in just a few clicks.

Alectio partners with the best labeling providers in the world and collects historical data regarding their performance, their pricing and their timelines in order to recommend the best option to each user and each use case. Every time you modify or request a revision for a label that you received, this information is factored into the system to ensure the most accurate recommendations. Alectio also provides dynamic feedback to all labeling partners so that they keep improving which benefits you in return.

Stop Waiting for Labels. Most labeling companies are built for scale, not for speed… but we are. With Alectio, your data gets labeled in near real-time. You can even get your dataset annotated continuously!

Thanks to our Labeling Resource Allocation technology, you can get matched with a labeling partner on the spot and send data immediately. When you submit a labeling task, Alectio checks the availability of relevant labeling companies in real-time to dramatically reduce latency. And because the Alectio system is optimized for micro labeling tasks, your data can get annotated in minutes instead of weeks!

Get your Labels Right, Every Single Time. Still processing labeling requests via email? Those days are over! You can now manage, audit and tune your labels and collaborate on your annotation projects with the rest of your team, from one place.

Annotating a great dataset is a huge endeavor, and it doesn’t end at choosing the right labeling company. You’ll need to ensure that your labeling instructions are clear in order to avoid endless back-and-forth, to aggregate judgments into consolidated annotations, to audit results and modify problematic labels, and to store them in one safe place. All the LabelOps tools you’ll ever need to perform those actions are on the Alectio platform, from anomaly detection tools designed to identify faulty labels and Human-in-the-Loop workflows, to ML-assisted annotations tools and versioning and formatting systems.


Labeling Marketplace

The best labeling companies are at fingertips on the Alectio Labeling Marketplace, and you can evaluate the one that is just right for you on a project-by-project basis.

Labeling Report

Gain insights regarding your most useful data, build smart collection strategies and manage the quality of your annotations.

Human-in-the-Loop Module

Manage and retrieve your labels through the dashboard, identify and repair faulty labels and build custom labeling workflows.

Labeling Instructions Generator

Don’t ever write labeling instructions manually again and let this ML-driven Instruction Generator build fool-proof instructions to avoid endless iterations on your labeling jobs.