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DataPrepOps Platform

The First

MLOps Platform for
Data-Centric AI

Prepare, curate, annotate, manage, version
and visualize your training data.

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Labeling on Auto-Pilot

Put Your Data Labeling
Process on Auto-Pilot

Discover how to annotate data in minutes
with Labeling Resource Allocation and microtasks! 

Alectio data curation platform

Machine Learning-Driven Data Curation

Machine Learning-Driven

Data Curation

Let your model get trained with the most relevant data, on the fly, in just a few clicks!

Alectio sustainable Machine Learning

Sustainability and Machine Learning

Machine Learning

ML can be very compute-greedy
and that’s not good for our planet.

Better Models with… Less Data?

It’s a no-brainer: more examples lead to a better generalization.That’s actually only true if all records are holding equal amounts of information. In real-life, records often don’t hold much additional valuable information: they’re informationally poor. Find the informationally-dense records to train your model better and faster, and save up to 95% while doing it!

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More Useful Data.
Better Models.

Alectio’s flagship offering helps you understand what data helps your model learn, what data is irrelevant, and what data is actively hurting your model’s performance. Our data curation solutions helps you drastically cut down on labeling costs, reduces model training (and retraining) times, and helps you uncover the data your model really needs to reach the performance you need.

Auto-Pilot Labeling.
Accelerated AI.

With Alectio, you don’t have to get tied into long term contracts with big providers. Instead, we combine our model-powered autolabeling solution with a marketplace full of expert, responsive, nimble labeling companies to get you the best labels for your data. That means combining the best of machine and human intelligence to get you faster turnaround on every row of data you label.

Why and How Alectio Works

The most innovative teams in AI use Alectio!

“Using Alectio has allowed us to avoid the pain associated with preparing, labeling, and maintaining our very large datasets – super easy to use and a true lifesaver for our machine learning team!”
- Emma Ghariani, CEO, Veamly

“I strongly believe that the concept of a comprehensive end-to-end DataPrepOps platform is a real game changer for the industry.”

- Drew Gray, Co-Founder & CEO, Fathom Ocean (ex-CTO of Voyage)

What is DataPrepOpsTM ?

Data is the key to AI. Having accurate data, and the appropriate amount of data, can only be managed through a proper Data Operations strategy? Download our guide to learn what Data Prep Ops is, and how it can help you present the best and right data for your models.

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