Alectio Labeling Marketplace

What is the Alectio Labeling Marketplace?

The Labeling Marketplace is just what it sounds like: a way for you to search and access the best data labeling providers in the world, within seconds, on a project-by-project basis, based on their availability and your needs and constraints.

No more complex POCs.

No more long-term contracts.

Click the Marketplace tab to search labeling providers that match your criteria, read reviews and compare their performance, and hire the partner that’s just right for our project. You can even mix-and-match human experts and Machine Learning algorithms to speed up your project and reduce your costs.


20+ Labeling Partners, including subject matter experts

Not all labeling partners are created equal: some are incredibly fast, some amazingly accurate; some are best for 3D image data, while others do their best work for content moderation. Besides, if you are working on a niche use case, you might need subject-matter experts to work on your data. With Alectio, there is no need to hunt for the best suited company; you can simply select a different partner for each one of your projects, and leverage their individual strengths.

Find your ideal labeling partner among the 20+ already signed up on our Marketplace!

100+ Autolabeling Models

Unless you work on a highly specialized project, chances are Machine Learning can help you pre-label your data. The Alectio hybrid approach to data labeling allows you to choose between an ML-power and a human-power annotation process, class-by-class, to either speed up the work of human annotators, or generate synthetic labels.

Low-Latency Microjobs Workflow

Whether it’s because you’re continuously training or because you are working with small- or medium-size datasets, sometimes, what you truly need is speed rather than scale. Conventional labeling companies do an amazing job at supporting large scale projects, but they are inefficient when it comes to operating under time constraints. The Alectio Labeling Marketplace is architected around the first even Real-Time Labeling Pipeline and connects you with annotators that are immediately available to take care of your data so that you get your labels within minutes instead of weeks.

Patent-Pending Labeling Partner Recommendation Engine

There are so many labeling providers out there, so which one should you choose? Imagine how easier labeling data would be if you could find the perfect compromise between price, speed and accuracy, based on your own budget and expectations, for each and every one of your projects. That’s exactly what our patent-pending Labeling Partner Recommendation Engine will do for you. The Alectio algorithm learns from the past performance of labeling partners, on a use case-by-use case basis, to guide you in finding the ideal partner based on your constraints… and their.

Patented Labeling Resource Optimization Technology

Like always In a market subject to intense supply-and-demand fluctuations, advanced resource allocation strategies are necessary to ensure efficiency. For those not familiar with Economics jargon, this means that mathematical models can help you get high-quality labels at the best price possible and in a timely manner – and those models power our marketplace so that you get the best deal, depending on the conditions of the market

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