Labeling Report

With the Alectio Labeling Report, you can gain insights regarding the quality of your latest labeling job in one glance, learn more about your most useful data, and diagnose the weaknesses in your model. You can even use the report to decide which data augmentations to apply on your existing datasets and to build informed Data Collection strategies.

Labeling Statistics Dashboard

You primarily got your dataset annotated in order to train a model with it, but did you know that by gaining a deeper understanding in the distribution of your labels could help you decide how to refine your dataset, which data to collect next, how to augment your data and even diagnose the weaknesses of your model? You can do all that and more by analyzing the insights derived from your labels on the Labeling Statistics Dashboard.

Labeling Quality Dashboard

How to decide whether the quality of your annotations is sufficient for your use case? Just head to the Labeling Quality Dashboard page to see an aggregated view of the quality of your results, and identify which classes (if any!) might require more attention and a rewrite of your labeling instructions.

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