Machine Teaching


by: Dr. Jennifer Prendki

📅Wednesday, 10th May 2023, 11 am PST

AI, in the form of Generative AI, is taking the world by storm. For the past few months, it seems like the entire tech industry – and everyone else for that matter – has been focused on nothing else than ChatGPT, its applications, and a constantly evolving layer of ever more impressive foundational models. That said, Sam Altman himself has stated that the age of LLMs is already in decline, and that AI is in need of new paradigms.

At Alectio, we believe Machine Teaching to be one of them.

So what is Machine Teaching?

Machine Teaching is essentially the emerging practice of acting on the selection of training data so that the most informative outputs are produced by the ML model (Active Learning); by extension, any active intervention on the training process can also be considered a form of Machine Teaching.

Curious to know how Machine Teaching might change the game in the race to AI, and how to incorporate it into your ML projects? We’ll tell you everything during our upcoming webinar.

You will:

  • Learn what Machine Teaching is, and how it can help you train better models
  • Discover the ethical benefits of switching to an MT paradigm
  • Understand why Machine Teaching is the only truly sustainable way to train an ML model

We can’t wait to see you there!