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You can build better models with less data. We can show you how. 

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While Big Data helped usher in widespread adoption of AI, it’s also responsible for its high price tag. After all, storing all that data is a real expense. Labeling it is onerous. Training models on those gigantic datasets is costly and time-consuming. And in business, “slow and expensive” is rarely a recipe for success. 

Thankfully, the solution lies inside the Big Data you already have: it’s data curation. It’s Smart Data instead of Big Data.

Alectio’s platform uncovers this smart data. It’s like a wrapper that sits around your existing models and “listens” while it trains. It understands what data is actually helping your model—and what data is hurting it. 


Why we created Alectio and how it works:





Big Data vs. Smart Data

The most pervasive misconception in data science is “the more data, the better.” This idea that getting more and more data will make models more accurate or that collecting more data can magically fix struggling models.

That’s simply not true.

The reality is that in any given training data set, only a fraction of it is generally useful. The rest is useless (redundant information, for example) or actively harmful (like data from faulty sensors or poorly labeled rows from your labeling provider). 

Alectio is made to help you find the right data to train your models on. No matter what kind of data you’re working with, be it images, text, video, or audio, we can help. Alectio is data and model agnostic. In fact we don’t even need to see your data or your model.

In the world of machine learning, Goliath is Big Data. If you want to enlist your own David to fight back, we’re here to help.  



Why less is more



Data scientists spend up to 80% of their time preparing training data. More data means longer training times and reduced or delayed ROI. 



Data processing isn’t cheap. Servers, data warehousing, and data labeling add up quickly. Relying on hardware-centric solutions just isn’t feasible long term. 



It doesn’t matter how good your models are if you’re training them on bad data. As datasets balloon in size, it’s often difficult to  uncover what’s hurting performance.

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