The January 2023 Newsletter

Written by Jennifer Prendki

January 26, 2023

Hey All 👋

We hope everyone had an amazing start to this brand-new year. We all want this year to be better and have already set some goals to achieve in 2023. So, best of luck to all! And once again, a very happy new year 🎊

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In this edition, we’ll take you through some good articles from the Alectio team, news on what’s hot right now in the AI/ML space and end with something fun!

So, let’s dive into it.

Good reads for you

1. Active Learning 101: The only intro you’ll ever need

Confused about what exactly Active Learning is from different resources? This article gives you exactly what the technique is all about, how active learning came into existence and the idea behind it to uncover which training records were most likely to boost model performance.

2. Active Learning 101: A deep dive into the least-confidence querying strategy

Continuing on our miniseries on Active Learning, here you can get to know on setting up of the active learning process and that there is no simple way of doing it, but this makes the whole difference in the model. Know more about the least-confidence querying strategy on how it works and what are its shortcomings.

3. The State of DataPrepOps: Predictions for 2023

Though DataPrepOps is rather a new concept for the industry, 2022 was a good year for it. The concept is getting attention from organizations that are ready to optimize and make their data prep operations cost-effective. This article sums up the most important predictions on what is in the store for DataPrepOps in 2023.

Trending in AI & ML

1. How AI is helping us decode animal languages:

Researchers are now trying to decipher animal language using AI with an aim to change the way humans think of our role and make us understand how to co-exist. They are making use of Machine Learning systems to identify the pattern in animal communication in behavioral ecology systems using data containing visual, oral, and physical communication of animals.



2. VALL-E Microsoft:

While there have been many AI tools in 2022 focused on images, text, and video, there was not much focus on any related to speech. Then Microsoft came with the VALL-E, the latest AI text-to-speech system (TTS). It can take a three-second recording of a person’s voice, replicate it and turn written words into speech but has not been made public yet. Again with a raise of concern about impersonating a particular person or spoofing voice identification!



3. ChatGPT professional

The most discussed tool these days, ChatGPT, is planning on charging for its chatbot that has the ability to create emails, poems, and even write computer code. In an announcement on their DC server, Open AI shared with the community that to ensure the longevity of the tool they are thinking of ways to monetize the tool. Get complete details on here:



4. 2023 Predictions: AI That Bends Reality, Unwinds the Golden Screw and Self-Replicates

As the world struggles with uncertainty right now, experts from NVIDIA AI has forecasted that generative artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in supporting organizations achieve their enterprise goals and help satisfy consumer needs.



Just for fun

Here’s a meme we hope will make you smile!

That’s it for this edition. We hope you liked it!!!

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