The September 2020 Newsletter

Written by Jennifer Prendki

September 21, 2020

Greetings from the team at Alectio! Our newsletter this month is a little lighter on the written word and a little heavier on moving pictures than usual. We also have a webinar, a new website, and a roundup of the best ML stories and research we’ve read this month. Let’s get going:


Our brand new website

We’re pleased to announce we made ourselves a brand new website! It’s where all our new content will be published, as well as all the resources you’ll see below. Heck, we even have our own mascot now. Head on over to to check it out!

VIDEO: 5 Level explainer series

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of confusion around machine learning out there. We’re trying to do our part clearing that up. The premise of our new video series is simple: we take a complex concept and explain it in five escalating levels of difficulty, from kindergartener to ML expert. We’ve made a video for both machine learning and data labeling so far, with one centered around active learning coming later this week. We hope you enjoy them.

VIDEO: What is Alectio?

Since we were making videos this month, we thought we’d make one about our company. Hear why we started Alectio, how our technology works, and what it can do for your business.

WEBINAR: 5 Ways to Save on Data Labeling

Mark your calendar for September 29th! That’s when our founder and CEO Jennifer Prendki will be hosting a webinar on 5 ways you can save on data labeling. We’ll touch on everything from how to write instructions for the crowd to how to leverage machine learning to label data for machine learning. We hope you can join us!


The Hidden Power of a Hideous T-Shirt

For some of us, an ugly wardrobe is part of our personality. For others, it’s a way to keep facial recognition algorithms for picking up on who we are.

How to Classify Images Without Labels

A great video that goes over some recent research on unsupervised image labeling. The companion paper is linked right here.

An Op-Ed by a Robot Who Comes in Peace

The UK’s Guardian recently enlisted an AI to write an op-ed, which is sobering to anyone who writes stuff for a living. Let’s just move on.

Ethics in AI, the Google Way

Google’s launching “new AI ethics services” by the year’s end. We have our own thoughts about creating responsible AI but it’s never bad to hear that the biggest tech companies are taking ethics seriously.

Facebook’s Hate Speech AI is…Less than Good

Speaking of ethical issues in our field, here’s a sobering look at the difficult task of moderating hate speech on one of the world’s busiest platforms.


That’s it for this month. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to this email or if we can help you with anything. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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